Sally B.'s testimonial

I first visited Dr. Spring in 2003 when I was 8 years old. A part of my front tooth was chipped and she did an excellent job repairing the tooth and creating a filling that was totally unnoticeable. I had been particularly worried because it was my permanent front tooth and I thought it would be an unsightly filling for the rest of my life.

After visiting Dr. Spring I was so happy, the tooth looked perfect and for the next 17 years nobody ever commented on the filling and I couldn’t even see it myself. I have had braces since which the filling withstood. Any other dentists I visited often commented on how well done the filling was.

This year in 2020, I noticed the filling being slightly sensitive recently and knew I had to return to Dr. Spring to ensure the filling would be as strong and aesthetically pleasing as it had been done originally. I currently live in Edinburgh and travelled back to Donegal because having the filling done well was important to me.