Fees guide (in Euros)

ServiceFee (in Euros)
Scaling, flossing and polishing60+
PPE additional fee15+
Ultrasonic stains removal20+
Intra oral clinical photo10
Digital Small X-ray25
Digital OPG75
Night guard(Bruxism)100+
Sports guard120+
Orthodontic retainers120
White Filling (one surface)80+
Amalgam Filling (one surface)75+
Hygienist Treatment U and L jaw70+
Periodontal Treatment75+
Deep Pocket treatment35+
Deep pocket decontamination by laser70+
Root Canal Treatment (back tooth)450+
Root Canal Treatment (front tooth)340+
Root decontamination by laser70+
Crown & Bridges
Temporary Acrylic Crown80+
Bonded White Crown680+
Various non-metallic Crowns700+
3-units Bridge1300+
Post retention130+
Cleaning and re-fitting of a post or crown80+
Full upper or lower480+
Partial acrylic380+
Partial chrome1000-1300
Flexible Sunflex1000+
Denture repair90+
Reline of Denture140
Addition partial with impression/bite/lab fee180+
Surgical treatments
Single extraction120+
Surgical extraction (bone removal)160+
Wisdom tooth extraction250+
Treatment of dry socket45+
Frenectomy by laser350+
TMJ/ Wisdom tooth Pain relief by Biolaser90+
Implant placement + crown2400+
Surgical implant guide300+
Diagnostic mock up110+
Bone graft250+
PPE additional fee20+
Teeth Whitening
In-Office Whitening (zoom)450+
Laser whitening/ Biolase650+
Take Home Kit (2 weeks kit)100+
Set of Whitening Trays120
Children Private Fees Guide
Fissure sealants30+
Extraction of a baby tooth40+
Referral letter20
Implants and Orthodontic Consultation (by special appointment only)100
Late cancellation fee20
Failure to attend fee30