Bridget's testimonial

My name is Bridget. I am a 30 year old midwife from Buncrana but working in Dublin. Even though I have a huge selection of dental practices in Dublin, I always come to Aneta’s practice. The care I receive is fantastic because it is scheduled around the time that I am home and I am involved in the decisions that are made.

Don’t be nervous about having treatment because everything is explained to you. No medical jargon is used and the client understands everything that is happening and the treatments are painless.

Firstly, I am not in pain anymore and after my first consultation I was completely put at ease and I didn’t even think about my upcoming appointments. Due to my commute around the country from Donegal to work in Dublin, my appointments were always arranged around me and the times were very pleasing, Aneta Spring and the girls even coming in early one Saturday morning to allow me to have an uninterrupted Saturday in Buncrana.

Dental care is very expensive but nobody can bear the pain of dental trauma. Since 2009 I have had to have fillings replaced etc. However I was not in pain and life is busy so I did not go to Dr. Spring until I felt pain. There I was greeted with a smile in a friendly and professional manner. I have now been taken care of and in my opinion it was money and time well spent.

Dr. Aneta is fantastic, but Michelle and Ciara are equally fantastic. The care was friendly and welcoming but above all else professional, clean and safe.

I am definitely going to be returning to Buncrana for my dental care in the future.