Anne's testimonial

My name is Anne Cavanagh and I am a patient with Dr. Aneta Spring. When I encountered a problem with my tooth I was referred to Dr. Aneta by a friend of mine.

During my first visit I felt that the consultation was very thorough. She explained well the situation and laid out all the available options to me so that I could make an informed decision. Dr. Aneta was very friendly and patient in answering all my queries.

Once I decided to move forward I can say I never felt any pain or discomfort during the treatment. Dr. Aneta would check with me regularly throughout the process to ensure I was comfortable and see if I needed to take a break.

In terms of other patients who are considering treatment I would advise them to ask as many questions as they need so they can make an informed decision and would let them know that Dr. Aneta is very patient in answering all questions and concerns.

My main objective going in was to save my tooth and in being able to do so I left the process feeling very happy and more confident as my smile was not adversely affected.

I felt that Dr. Aneta was very clear and upfront about the total cost of the treatment, there was no hidden agenda and I was not surprised at any point with hidden costs. Everything was outlined upfront.

In terms of the administrative side of the interaction, I felt that they were very proactive. They would not only book the appointments in a reasonable time frame that suited my schedule but would also send me a reminder by text near the time. They were efficient in processing payments etc and I had no issues.

I would highly recommend Dr. Aneta Spring and her practice to any family and friends or anyone looking for excellent dental care.